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Grace Your Creativity with Us!!

RM 10,000


­Registration ends on 20th Feb 2023­  

­Registration ends on 20th Feb 2023­  

­Registration ends on 20th Feb 2023­  

*The competition is open to everyone*

Create a video to spread awareness to the community & students of postgraduates about how taking Master/PhD is easy and you must present 'the Best Presention of Dr Roket'

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You have to create
2 types of videos


The first video must not be longer than 60 seconds
(opening or closing credits are not required).


The second video should be between 3 to 5 minutes
(opening or closing credits are not required).

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  • Participation or submission is open to all Malaysian citizens, either individually or in a group.

  • Entry is free and open to all Malaysian citizens who are at least 18 years old.

  • Participants must upload the video onto their social media accounts such as Instagram, TikTok and/or Facebook, with the tag @DrRoket and hashtags of #DrRoket, #PIP, #AzamBaru2023, #MasterPhDmudah and #EducatingTheNations to get extra marks.

  • All participants must fill in the required information and upload their videos into the Google Form.


  • Spread awareness to the community and the postgraduate students (Master degree and PhD) to assure them that the ‘journey’ is easy.

  • Encourage the community, especially the youngsters, to continue studying for Master degree and PhD level of education.

  • Dr. Roket helps by offering a series of seminars, workshops, tips, motivations and guidance on how to complete a Master’s thesis or PhD thesis within 6 to 3 months, sharing knowledge of unwritten things that is fast, easy and effective (which has been proven success).

  • Convince the community and correct the misunderstood views about Dr. Roket’s efforts in helping postgraduate students.